We set a budget of €18 euro per day per person, which is $20,50 at the time of writing this post. The budget we set for ourselves and that we saved towards is based on an excellent blogpost I found, from a Thai/Swedish couple that cycled from Sweden tot Thailand. In this post they detailed their budgetting minutely per category and per country, pie charts and all. Next to this they also described themselves and their traveling lifestyle very well: loving local foodcultures, occasionally splashing out on hotel rooms. I felt this matched ours, so I based our budget on theirs.

We already had most of our camping gear although we invested in a larger and lighter tent and new sleeping bags, reasoning it would save us money if we weren’t tempted to book a room every time it rained or got a bit cold. Another pricey but mandatory expense was extensive travel insurance. I also got a new bicycle but this is an investment that I hope will extend well beyond this cycling trip. Apart from this daily budget and the investment in gear and insurance we also put some money aside for the estimated costs of flights, trains and boats we plan to take and a little bit for bike maintenance. All in all I think this is quite a comfortable budget for a cycling holiday. I’m sure it can be done for a lot less, especially if you use warmshowers and couchsurfing and don’t eat or drink in restaurants or cafes.

success-cat-budget-meme cropI haven’t found any other blog post that was as detailed about budgetting and spending per country and per category but I found it very insightful. I will try and do the same for our trip and share it here. I’m keeping a ‘household expenses’ diary and hope to translate it into similarly snazzy graphics.

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