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Here is our rough planning, with lots of room for improv. If you’d like to visit us somewhere or cycle with us for a bit please get in touch and we’ll make a plan (we would like that a lot).

Cities marked in red are great places for a poste-restante surprise. We will send postcards, so please email your street adress if you would like to receive one, with an exotic stamp, sweat stains and dust from the road. Cyril and Vera would love to receive real postcards and letters too, in far away old Silk Road cities like Dushanbe and Kashgar. Incredibly enough poste-restante still works, even now there is internet everywhere. Below you find our planning including some of the bigger cities we will visit, so you can send your snail mail to the poste-restante at the post offices there. Can you imagine our excitement at receiving a letter from home!?

May – from Amsterdam to Istanbul via Budapest. Estimated arrival time in Istanbul: Thursday 9 June. We will have a few days or a week in Istanbul to organise visums.
June – Turkeys North route, following the Black Sea coast.
July – Estimated arrival in Georgia: 11 July (19 July: Vera’s birthday in Tblisi?) & Armenia, stopping over in Yerevan
August – Iran. Estimated arrival in Iran: 1 August. Tabriz, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd? No Tehran probably as we will likely fly out of Tehran Airport to Dushanbe and have no pressing need or interest to be in Tehran.
September – Tajikistan. Estimated arrival in Dushanbe: Sunday 4 September. We will have to spend a couple of days here to organize our GBAO permit, needed in addition to the Tajikistan visum to travel the famed Pamir Highway.
October – Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan. Almaty, Bishkek.
November/December – China by train and by bike, but much will depend on the winter weather circumstances. Kashgar, Urumqi, Chengdu

January/February – Laos, Northern Thailand, Myanmar, and hopefully an island holiday after the mountains and cold of the ‘Stans and China (Koh Chang?). Bangkok, Vang Vien, Chiang Mai.
March – South Korea. Seoul, Busan
April/May – Japan. Rapha Cycle Club Tokyo
June – Transsiberian Express / Russia St Petersburg, Finland Helsinki
July – Poland/Germany
August – back home in Amsterdam 🙂

This is where we are now, with a possible delay in updating since this depends on available internet connection:

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