The final verdict: gear reviews

It’s almost two years since we set off from Amsterdam (two years!!). We are still cycling and camping as much as we can in our free time, me in Yunnan and Cyril in Europe. Cyril just cycled three days in the Limburg hills, and I am looking forward to a two-month tour around Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK this summer. Here are the reviews of all of our gear. Follow the links to find our final verdicts on durability, customer service, usability etcetera on everything we took with us on our trip.

The oufti blog won’t be updated anymore. If you are interested in our adventures beyond Oufti: follow Cyrils adventures here and sign up for Vera’s writing here.

Gear reviews

After 7 months of the road we take a critical look at our camping gear and come to strict but fair conclusions in our verdicts. Check out our thoughts on our favourite things and on the not-so-favourite things we left behind, right here in the camping gear review page.

We also finally found the time to update our Tools and spare parts page. This is the area where you potentially can save a lot of weight, so don’t forget to check this page before you set off on your trip.

We will do a similar review on our clothes later but we can give you our conclusion now: merino wool, everything merino. Socks, shirts, long johns, jumpers, buff, hat. Mmmmerino! We love you.

Merino sheep feeling a bit meh
Merino sheep feeling a bit meh



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