Oufti! blog nominated for a cycling blog award

It’s been quiet on the Oufti front, but a few days ago I got a message that I was nominated for a Dutch cycling blog award. Wonderful!

Dear readers, if you enjoyed the updates during our trip: please vote for Oufti by following this link. You only have to click, no need to leave personal details. Oufti! is right at the bottom of the nominee list.

Thank you!

I’m working on a final blog post with the last gear reviews. Expect a stern but fair verdict of our favourite things, brands that become friends (looking at you here dear Nigor) and unfortunately also our worst customer service experience. I love my Surly to bits but their customer service is… not very good to say the least. There is one company however that is even worse. To be continued..


Fiets Blogs Award 2017

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