Into the German wide open

Goodmorning to you all, from behind our fried eggs and coffee in Cologne, some days after our Amsterdam departure.

The whoops and cheers and clapping that sent us off from Rapha last Saturday made us quite emotional and the closest thing to a rock star we will ever be. We are still buzzing with the best goodbye we could have wished for. Very cool! We continued down South through the Netherlands, enjoying the ride with friends to Utrecht, meeting up with friends and family in Utrecht, Eindhoven, Milheeze and Voerendaal over the last few days. Only yesterday did we finally find ourselves alone, on the road, across the border into Germany, after the last hugs and kisses from our parents. We had the sun in our face and the wind in our back and it felt as if we were being pushed along by the well wishes from our friends and family. A lovely start of the trip of a lifetime. Thank you all for the cheers and waves and sweet goodbye wishes, it will definitely help us on the more difficult days ahead.

Also a big thanks to Mike from Bilderdijk Wijnhuys, Jan van haringkar Schilder, our big friend Theo of Rijwielatelier ‘De Specialist‘, and Dave from Rapha for making our leaving party extra special.

ps: If you have any pics or videos of the departure can you please email them to us?

Picture by Jon Woodroof
Picture by Jon Woodroof

11 thoughts on “Into the German wide open”

  1. Sorry i could not make it to say good by to you lovely couple! Enjoy the Journey and stoked to follow this on here. Make it all the best!

    1. Hi, you can follow us right here 🙂 Below the ‘where is Oufti’ map you can leave your emailadress and receive the blog updates in your mailbox. Cheers!

  2. Zo stom ik had zaterdag in mijn hoofd voor het afscheid maar bij deze wens ik jullie bon voyage! !

  3. Enjoy the ride through my home country! I’m so happy for you because of this beautiful weather. What a nice way to start this trip! Take care Oufti’s!

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